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Calibur 107

Calibur 107

Lying bathtub with side door

The unique hinged door creates a comfortable and spacious entry opening to the Calibur 107 tub, ensuring safe entry and exit. Dangerous climbs over the edge of the tub are now a thing of the past.

People with limited mobility find it particularly easy to take a seat in the tub thanks to the seat at normal chair height – whether wheelchair-bound or not.

Product details


Safe entry and exit

The body-friendly height of the tub floor provides easy and safe entry and exit in a seated position.

Simple translation

The wheelchair accessible height of the tub floor allows easy transfer. This allows wheelchair users and people who are severely limited in their mobility to use this tub independently.

Safe sitting and lying position

The back part of the tub body is much steeper compared to a conventional bathtub, providing a safe sitting and lying position.

Full bath in relaxed position

The body of the tub is higher than usual and offers the possibility to enjoy a pleasant full bath. The tub filling and shower can be done through a standard faucet mounted on the wall.

Tub door with hydraulics

A completely maintenance-free gas spring hydraulic system connected to the tub door allows easy and safe lifting and lowering of the door without additional effort.

Care height of the bathtub

Due to the overall height of the bathtub of 90 cm, a caregiver can assist with bathing in an upright and back-friendly posture if required. The recess in the front paneling also allows standing very close to the bathtub.

Optional whirlpool system

On request, you can get the bathtub with integrated whirlpool system..
This is the ideal combination of water and massage. Millions of tiny air bubbles massage your body, stimulate blood circulation, invigorate the circulatory system and allow intensive cleansing and regeneration of the skin by opening the pores. Many painful ailments, such as joint and muscle ailments,rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, as well as pain in joints and spine, to name a few, can be significantly improved and alleviated. The jets create a buoyancy in the water, which largely relieves the body weight and stimulates and activates the passive muscles through the full body massage.
From caressing air beads to massage, you can adjust the intensity of the whirlpool to your individual needs. Enjoy the soothing and invigorating effect on your whole body and soul.

Technical data

Tub body:
Marmorite: special mineral plastic with double gel-coat, absolutely non-porous with high sound and heat insulation.

Side and front cladding:
Fiberglass-reinforced polyester with Gel-Coat coating (removable, for easy care and maintenance).

Tub door:

  • Made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester with gel-coat coating.
  • maintenance-free gas spring hydraulics for easy lifting and lowering
  • integrated handles
  • special seal
  • locking system with safety lock

Tub drain/overflow set:
Integrated tub drain DN 40 with siphon and overflow fitting

Tub base:
Powder-coated steel frame construction with 4 height-adjustable feet for level compensation with locking nut


  • Width: 665 mm
  • length: 1595 mm
  • Height: 900 mm
  • Weight: 100kg

Technical drawings: